Dutch Burlesque Performer
Madame Romanova

Internationally recognised Dutch burlesque performer
Madame Romanova brings her elegant burlesque acts with a sprinkle of Magic to stages around the world!

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Girl out of Giant Cake

It is a very popular surprise act, during which Madame Romanova appears out of a huge cake. This act is perfect for all kinds of events: from birthdays to grand opening celebrations, anniversaries and more! No cake = no party!

Style – Las Vegas showgirl, playful. Duration -10 min.

Champagne Shower

This Classic Burlesque act is perfect for the chic and glamorous parties where Champagne flows like water!

Style – Classic Hollywood glamour. Duration – 10 min.

Champagne Tower

Madame Romanova builds a magnificent champagne tower, opens champagne bottles with a saber and makes tasty champagne bubbles flow into the tower. The hight of the tower and Champagne choice are in agreement with the customer. Contact us for a free quote.

Style – can be customized. Duration – is depending on the height of the tower.

La Vie en Rose

Accompanied by the tunes of ‘La Vie en Rose’ by Louis Armstrong, Madame Romanova enters the room as a flower girl. After handing out beautiful pink roses to the audience she starts her tease routine followed by an ostrich fan dance. This romantic – vintage act is suitable for weddings.

Style – romantic, classic. Duration – 10 min.

Nocturnal Poesy

This Burlesque act is an ode to the night, mysterious time of the day. The styling of this act is inspired by the fashion of 1930s. Madame Romanova appears wearing a classic old Hollywood glamour evening gown. After her tease routine she performs a dance with exotic feather fans. Optionally this act can be close off with a snake dance or shower in bathtub.

Style – art deco, mysterious. Duration – 10 min.

Sally Rand Tribute

Madame Romanova created a tribute to Burlesque icon Sally Rand who became world-famous in 1930s with her ostrich feather fan dance. For this act Romanova uses Sally Rand’s favourite melody “Claire de Luna”. This sensual and pure act can be performed without too much revelation.

Style – classic, romantic, slow. Duration – 5 min.

Dancing Umbrellas

This Magic-Burlesque act is one big celebration: confetti, magic and spicy tease. 

Style – Las Vegas showgirl, playful, magic. Duration – 8 min.

Costume Transformation

This is the first Magic-Burlesque act that was created by Madame Romanova in her earlier career. Over the years this act has developed and become sharper. The audience will be dazzled by the quick costume changes, tease and a spectacular ending!

Style – 1950s, pin-up, magic. Duration – 8 min.

Magic Cards

This Magic-Burlesque act is a playful tease with a costume transformation and magic card tricks. It would be perfect entertainment for theme parties such as Casino or Las Vegas.

Style – 1950s, pin-up, magic. Duration – 8 min

Bettie Page Tribute

In 1950s Bettie Page was known as the ‘Queen of Pinups’. Her jet black hair, blue eyes, and trademark bangs have influenced artists for generations. The Bettie Page tribute is a seductive fetish act, which would be not complete without whips and bondage.

Style – 1950s, pin-up, fetish. Duration – 10 min.

Snake Charmer

Madame Romanova can create an act with the snakes that is suitable for your event. You can also book her for walking around with the snakes.

Duration – 10 min.

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Every first Sunday of the month – Burlesque workshops, private classes, coaching. For more information visit a Blog Page




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All acts can be customized and possibly adapted to your needs and the type of event. Please contact us for a free quote based on your customized event.

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